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CME: Cambridge-MIT Exchange Programme

CME: Cambridge-MIT Exchange Programme

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The University has reluctantly taken the decision to terminate the exchange programme with MIT, so it is running for the last time in 2016-17. We are actively exploring alternative ways to continue to be able to provide an international dimension to the undergraduate engineering course, but it is likely to involve a summer research programme.

In July 2000 the University signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to form the Cambridge MIT Institute. The primary goal of CMI was to undertake joint educational and research initiatives that would improve entrepreneurship, productivity and competitiveness in the UK.

MIT has separate Departments representing the major professional engineering activities and this year the exchange will involve the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Aero-Astro Engineering.  It is possible for exchange students to study courses outside their home department including some offered by the Sloan School of Management and Harvard.

Cambridge students taking part in this exchange return to the UK with an MIT transcript with details of their course grades and are able the following year to continue with Part IIB of the Engineering Tripos just as if they had remained in Cambridge for their third year except that they do not have a 'class' at the end of year 3.  Students are required to be 'deemed to have deserved honours' on the recommendation of this Department in order to be of standing to take Part IIB or MET IIB.

Participating students will not be liable for any additional tuition fees by virtue of taking part in the Exchange. Each will receive a non-means-tested bursary to help cover the additional travelling and living expenses.

The Fall Semester of the MIT academic year begins in September and to participate students must be able to travel to Boston at the end of August. The Spring Semester begins in early February and finishes mid May although all Cambridge exchange students are expected to be at MIT, or participating in an MIT-organised project, during the Independent Activity Period (IAP) throughout January.

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