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Engineering Tripos Part IA, Drawing, 2015-16

Engineering Tripos Part IA, Drawing, 2015-16

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Mr A Johnson

Timing and Structure

Five 2-hour sessions in the Michaelmas Term,seven 2-hour sessions in the Lent Term, and four 2-hour sessions in the Easter Term. A short lecture will introduce each of the 16 sessions.


The aims of the course are to:

  • Understand the role of drawing and CAD in the design process.
  • Learn how to make and interpret mechanical drawings.
  • Solve simple geometric problems using graphical techniques.


As specific objectives, by the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Understand projection theory and its use to make required views of lines and planes.
  • Understand orthographic projections of solid objects.
  • Make orthographic projections of engineering objects, using the conventions of BS 8888: 2008.
  • Make isometric sketches and auxiliary projections
  • Interpret existing orthographic drawings
  • Use a professional CAD package to create models of engineering components and assemblies.


Projection Theory

  • Projection of points, lines and planes.
  • Perpendicular distance between lines.
  • True and edge views of planes.
  • Application to simple vector mechanics

Mechanical Drawing

  • 3-D visualisation and interpretation.
  • Intersection of simple surfaces.
  • Isometric projection; Sketching.
  • Introduction to dimensioning.
  • Orthographic projection.
  • Basic drawing conventions, including sections, to BS 8888: 2008.
  • Representation of simple components.
  • Representation of assemblies.
  • Introduction to a professional CAD package.


Please see the Booklist for Part IA Courses for references for this module.

Examination Guidelines

Please refer to Form & conduct of the examinations.

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