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Part IB briefing notes - Easter term supplement

Part IB briefing notes - Easter term supplement

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This section contains updates for the Easter term and should be read in conjunction with the briefing notes issued in both Michaelmas and Lent terms.

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On-line timetables

The University-wide online lecture list for Engineering cannot be guaranteed as accurate by the Department.  It is available to download to smart devices for this term but should be checked against the timetable on the Department website as there may have been changes to lecture times since the University-wide lecture list was produced.


IB Coursework qualification

There will be no practical laboratory periods in the Easter term. 

You are reminded that it is your responsibility to check that the marks you obtained in the laboratories have been properly recorded.  A summary of the marks credited to each student will be posted in the Baker Building foyer by Tuesday 3 May 2016.  You should notify Professor Smith (in overall charge of IB labs) by email  of any apparent discrepancies by Wednesday 11 May 2016.

Applications for allowances must be received by the Teaching Office before Wednesday 25 May 2016.

IB Examples classes

Outstanding Examples Classes from Lent term courses will be held on selected afternoons early in the Easter term.  Full details can be found on the IB Examples Paper Moodle Site.

Part IB Paper 8

Easter term lectures

Topics in seven professional engineering areas are taught in the context of design:

  • Civil and structural engineering: Design and construction of underground space
  • Mechanical engineering: Renewable energy systems
  • Aerothermal engineering: Design of a jet engine
  • Electrical engineering: Micro and nano-electronic devices
  • Information engineering: Photo editing and image searching
  • Bioengineering: Engineering applied to the living world
  • Manufacturing and Management: Bringing technology innovations to market.

Students may, if they wish, start off by attending lectures for more than two topics, in order to decide which two they would like to study for the examination.  Students will not be required to specify which topics they intend to follow.  Each course has 16 timetabled slots (4 per week), equivalent to  14 lectures and 2 examples classes - although in some cases explanation of examples may be spread throughout the course.  There will be the equivalent of two examples papers per topic with fully worked solutions being made available for students to see.  There are no supervisions for these courses.  The material in these selected topics is not a prerequisite for third-year courses, although some preliminary reading may be expected by those who have not taken a topic.


The examination for Paper 8 will be of 2.5 hours' duration, except for those candidates taking the foreign language option, for whom the examination will be of 1.5 hours' duration.

Compulsory section: Introductory Business Economics

The examination for paper 8 will be divided into 8 sections, labelled A-H.  Section A is compulsory and each student must answer one of the questions therein on the Introductory Business Economics course (lectured in the Lent term).

Selected topics

Sections B-H correspond to the 7 Engineering Electives.  Students who are not taking the Foreign Language option must answer four questions taken from only two of sections B-H.  Not more than two questions from each section may be answered.  Students who are taking the Foreigh Language Option must answer two questions from one of the sections B-H.

Foreign Language Options

The credit scheme for candidates who have elected to take a language course as one of their two options in Part IB Paper 8 is shown on the examinations notice board in the Inglis corridor.

Candidates who have registered to take the language option in their Selected Topics for Paper 8 should answer two questions from only one of the sections B-H on the examination paper.

Third-year choices

It is expected that the Faculty Board will approve the list of modules to be offered in 2016/17 at its meeting on Monday 9 May.  The information will be made available shortly afterwards on the undergraduate teaching pages.

The Options document states that all second year students will be required to log on to COMET (Cambridge Online Management of Engineering Teaching) and make a provisional selection of your third-year modules between Monday 23 May and the end of Full Term, Friday 10 June.  Students may make changes to their Michaelmas selections up to the end of the first week of that term (and further changes to choices of Lent modules up until January).

Students hoping to take Manufacturing Engineering must complete an MET application form and should indicate their choice on COMET, but are also required to enter a 'back-up' selection of IIA modules. These students will be contacted by email nearer the time with full instructions.

Students who have been selected to spend next year at MIT, National University of Singapore or Ecole Centrale Paris, or are planning to transfer to another Tripos (eg Management Studies), should indicate this on COMET.

Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) Open Afternoon and applications

MET will be holding an open afternoon on Wednesday 4 May 2016, 1.00-3.00 pm at the Institute for Manufacturing to explain the course to interested students (and staff).  Refreshments will be served and MET staff and current students will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Students who are interested in taking the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos for their third and fourth years should visit the MET website, download and complete the application form  and email it to the MET Office by Friday 20 May  stating their name, College and Director of Studies.  Directors of Studies will be asked to supply brief references for applicants and all students will be invited to attend a short interview in the early part of the week following the IB exams.  Places will be offered shortly after the announcement of the IB results.  Students who have applied for the MIT exchange and hope to come back to MET IIB for their final year should follow the same procedure.

Standards for entry in the fourth year

The Faculty Board's regulations state that students must normally achieve at least a 2.2 in either Part IB or Part IIA (and achieve Honours in Part IIA) in order to be of standing to take Part IIB of either the Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering Triposes.

Library - summer vacation borrowing

Undergraduates are allowed to borrow from the Library during the summer vacation.  In general only books may be borrowed (ie not journals, and theses only if the supervisor makes a special case to the Librarian).

Students should provide a contact email address and phone number so that they may be contacted at any time should a book be needed by another library user.  In such cases, books must be returned promptly and properly packed.  Books must also be returned should the borrower be out of contact for any length of time.

If not previously returned, books must be brought in to the Library at the beginning of the Michaelmas term for return or renewal.


James Dyson Award

Design something that solves a problem - and win up to £30,000.  Full details can be found at: http://www.jamesdysonaward.org/en-GB/the-brief/

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