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Part IB Paper 8

Part IB Paper 8

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Easter term lectures

Topics in seven professional engineering areas are taught in the context of design:

  • Civil and structural engineering: Design and construction of underground space
  • Mechanical engineering: Renewable energy systems
  • Aerothermal engineering: Design of a jet engine
  • Electrical engineering: Micro and nano-electronic devices
  • Information engineering: Photo editing and image searching
  • Bioengineering: Engineering applied to the living world
  • Manufacturing and Management: Bringing technology innovations to market.

Students may, if they wish, start off by attending lectures for more than two topics, in order to decide which two they would like to study for the examination.  Students will not be required to specify which topics they intend to follow.  Each course has 16 timetabled slots (4 per week), equivalent to  14 lectures and 2 examples classes - although in some cases explanation of examples may be spread throughout the course.  There will be the equivalent of two examples papers per topic with fully worked solutions being made available for students to see.  There are no supervisions for these courses.  The material in these selected topics is not a prerequisite for third-year courses, although some preliminary reading may be expected by those who have not taken a topic.


The examination for Paper 8 will be of 2.5 hours' duration, except for those candidates taking the foreign language option, for whom the examination will be of 1.5 hours' duration.

Compulsory section: Introductory Business Economics

The examination for paper 8 will be divided into 8 sections, labelled A-H.  Section A is compulsory and each student must answer one of the questions therein on the Introductory Business Economics course (lectured in the Lent term).

Selected topics

Sections B-H correspond to the 7 Engineering Electives.  Students who are not taking the Foreign Language option must answer four questions taken from only two of sections B-H.  Not more than two questions from each section may be answered.  Students who are taking the Foreigh Language Option must answer two questions from one of the sections B-H.

Foreign Language Options

The credit scheme for candidates who have elected to take a language course as one of their two options in Part IB Paper 8 is shown on the examinations notice board in the Inglis corridor.

Candidates who have registered to take the language option in their Selected Topics for Paper 8 should answer two questions from only one of the sections B-H on the examination paper.

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