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Part IIB project guide

Part IIB project guide

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The Part IIB project is a major feature of the Engineering Tripos. It is intended to be demanding, to test your skills to the uttermost and to give you opportunity to prove that you are of MEng standard. You should, by the start of Michaelmas term, have determined what your project is, who your supervisor is and already spent some time during the long vacation thinking about the project.

Some students, with projects strongly linked to industry, may have already completed a substantial body of work, such as a programme of tests. For all students a guideline to the amount of effort expected in the coming academical year is that project work should occupy you for some 15 to 20 hours per week throughout the year.

Good time management is essential to ensure that your project mark does not suffer as a consequence of too much concentration on the modules, or vice versa. If you find that your project work seems to be in the doldrums, do not let matters slide. Discuss the situation with your supervisor.

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