Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

Part IIB Surveying module (4M9)

Part IIB Surveying module (4M9)

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It is expected that this module will be held in Scotland from Sunday 1 July to Saturday 14 July 2018 (i.e. at the start of the Long Vacation and 3 months before other Part IIB modules). The number of places is limited, and if oversubscribed, a ballot will be held in the week commencing 28 May 2018, with priority given to students taking Engineering Area 4: Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering.

If you would like to be considered for a place on this module, you should keep these dates free of other commitments and contact Mr Aylmer Johnson as early as possible and by Friday 25 May 2017 at the latest.

All students wishing to be considered for this module should already have surveying experience, e.g. from the Surveying Engineering Area Activity or the Part IIA Fieldwork Project. The list of those accepted will be published by Tuesday 28th May 2018.

Please note that each student will be asked to contribute £160 towards the cost of accommodation. The module is heavily subsidized by the Department and the University, and no funds are available toward the £160 cost.

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