Undergraduate Teaching 2018-19

Preparing for exams

Preparing for exams

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For general information about the course and examination, please see the Engineering Course overview.  You should also see the project, coursework & exam credit notices which are published for each Part of the Tripos.

Past exam papers

Notices are published at the end of Michaelmas Term every year in the Reporter which detail changes to the form & conduct of the exam papers compared to the previous year's.

Recent past exam papers, their solutions and (when available) examiners' comments are available to students online. For new (or revamped) module papers, such information might not be available, but students might expect that the style will be similar to those of any ‘sample papers’ issued during the year.

Exam skills training

The department runs a briefing session every Lent Term to help students prepare for exams and be more effective during the exam.

Exam entries and withdrawing from an exam

If you are a graduate student and you wish to take an undergraduate module for exam it is very important that you ensure that your Course Director has registered you for the exam.

If you wish to withdraw from an exam, or are unable to attend an exam due to illness etc at short notice, you must inform your College Tutorial Office immediately.

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