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STIMULUS programme for helping children learn - Lent supplement

STIMULUS programme for helping children learn - Lent supplement

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If so, then STIMULUS will arrange a school placement for you at a time in the week when you are available, and give you training and support to help children in the age group of your choice. See stimulus.maths.org for more details.

"Really fun working with young children and it's a nice break from work."

Placements are usually 1-2 hours per week, and volunteers help the same class(es) each week so that they get to know the pupils. They provide valuable support, giving many youngsters more individual help and attention than teachers are able to give on their own.

"Both teachers in STIMULUS and in schools are very supportive. It's really an unforgettable and valuable experience! Thank you!"

Volunteers choose the age range of pupils they wish to work with and opt for Science, Mathematics, design, computing or coding classes (at the lower primary level other subjects are often available). As well as supporting the work of class teachers by helping individuals and small groups, volunteers wishing to do so may plan and carry out short practical projects with groups of pupils.

"This term's STIMULUS has been very enjoyable and rewarding, working with children at the beginning of their science education and hopefully inspiring them to enjoy the subject."

If you would like to get involved in the STIMULUS volunteering programme this term, please log onto the STIMULUS website, enter your details and check the 'Yes' box to indicate your availability for the Lent Term. You can go directly to the volunteer login page by clicking on the following link: https://stimulus.maths.org/members/volunteers

Further information about STIMULUS is available from the programme Coordinator, Jacqui Watkins.




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