Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

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Procedures concerning coursework hand in - link for Staff Guidelines

All coursework is marked anonymously and each student has been allocated an individual coursework candidate number (CCN).  From this term it will be the responsibility of the student to enter their CCN onto the coversheet and they will be able to find this number at: http://www3.eng.cam.ac.uk/comet/student/yr4

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Part IIA projects - link for student guides

During the Easter term following the IIA examinations, all Part IIA students undertake 2 projects  (with a few having preparatory sessions during the Lent Term).  Allocation of these projects will be made at the end of the Michaelmas Term.  Some projects have pre-requisite modules and will assume certain background knowledge. You should therefore give some thought to your likely preferences for projects before finalising your choice of Michaelmas modules on COMET. 

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Coursework link for IIA start of year page

Please read carefully:

You are advised to book first for the Extension Activity (which run at fixed times in Michaelmas or Lent Terms) and then to book in for the experiments associated with each of your modules (including signing-up sessions).  If at all possible, avoid clashes between sessions for having experiments signed up and sessions for undertaking experiments.

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Accreditation - link for guides

All the four-year MEng courses offered by the Department of Engineering are accredited by one or more of the professional engineering institutions, depending on the engineering area studied. 

Students are also strongly encouraged to become student or affiliate members of the professional institutions which particularly relate to their interests.

For further details of the accrediting bodies, membership benefits and contact officers within CUED see the Accreditation of the MEng.

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Rearranging coursework & allowances - link for Part I Guides

Although we expect students to attend all lab sessions and respect coursework deadlines, there may be a number of reasons why this might be problematic.  In such cases you might be able to rearrange your coursework or apply for a mark allowance.  See the following pages for further information:

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Good academic practice and plagiarism - link for Guides

You should read and ensure that you understand the following information on the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating webpage:

  • distinguishing between cooperation and cheating
  • plagiarism avoidance: expectations of all students
  • sources of guidance on academic integrity, record keeping & referencing

If you have any queries please speak to your DoS.

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