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Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship

Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship

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Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship 2023


The Arthur Shercliff Memorial Trust, which was established to promote technical visits abroad by undergraduates and graduate students, offers two scholarships, valued at £2,100 each, one to be awarded in each of the Engineering Departments of Cambridge University and Warwick University.

The origin of the Trust

Arthur Shercliff studied Engineering at Cambridge, and became the founding Professor and Head of Engineering at Warwick University in 1964. He returned to Cambridge as the ICI Hopkinson Chair of Applied Thermodynamics in 1980 and became Head of Department for a brief period before his death from cancer in December 1983.

Arthur had always particularly valued the year he spent studying at Harvard after his first degree. This prompted his family, friends and colleagues to establish the Arthur Shercliff Memorial Trust in 1984, to support technical visits abroad that enable students to enhance their international awareness of engineering in an applied context.

The current Cambridge Trustees are:

  • Prof Richard Prager (Head of Department)
  • Prof Matthew Juniper (CUED staff member and Fellow of Trinity, Arthur Shercliff's Cambridge College)
  • Dr. Hugh Shercliff (CUED staff member, and Arthur’s son).

Application process

The award is open to current undergraduate and postgraduate students in Engineering at the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick. The Trustees may elect to share the scholarship between more than one applicant.

Applications are particularly encouraged for technical visits relating to any aspect of sustainable development, including energy and environmental impact.  However, all high quality applications will be considered.

Applications from student members of CUED should be made to the Head of Department by Friday 24 February 2023. These should consist of:

  • an application form;
  • a one-page proposal and budget for a technical visit, including the details requested on the application form;
  • a sealed reference from an academic staff member (or this may be sent directly to the Head of Department; email acceptable).

Please email all documents to head-office@eng.cam.ac.uk

A short-list of applicants will be called for interview on Friday 3 March 2023 and awards will be announced by Friday 10 March 2023.

Previous Cambridge awards


Student (College)


2020   Wassil Janssen (C)

Cambridge University Caving Club expedition in Austria


Rebecca Donaldson (C)

Guy Baker (W)


Ashley Leonard (W)

Blue Tap

Warwick Human Powered Submarine 

A collaboration regarding the optimisation and fabrication of 4H-SiC superjunction Schottky rectifiers with implanted P-pillars 


Sarah Wolman (C)


Naomi Dobson (W)


Samuel Foster (W)



3D – Printable Medical Device Design in Nepal



The WUSAT-3 project - A technical visit to attend 2nd Symposium of space Educational Activities (SSEA) held at Budapest University  of Technology and Economics (BME).


To optimise the design of nanostructured thermoelectric (TE) materials which convert heat directly into electricty and have the potential to reduce fossil fuel consumption and contribute to energy savings. 


Emma Houiellebecq (C)

Sorcha Ni Mhuimhneachain (C)

Farah Villa Lopez (W) 

Michael Andronicou (W) 


Post-disaster resilience in Nepal 

The deployment of renewable technologies in Nepal

Fabrication of CMOS acoustic sensors at the Technical University of Madrid 

Warwick Submarine entry into the International Submarine Races (ISR) 2017 in Maryland USA


Samad Arshad (C)


Tamanna Rahman (W)

Voluntary engineering work in Tanzania with the University Society Team Cambridge Development initiative

Researching sustainable techniques to improve electricity generation and transmission from hydropower systems in rural Uganda



Samantha Passmore (C)


Research determining the value of education in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Honduras 


Team 1. Matthew Shanahan, Richard Freeman, Theo Saville, Rupert Barnard, Verity Armstrong, Jack Fairweather, Stuart Snow (W)



Team2. Alex Hope, Jonny May, Sam Butterworth, Sam Cater, Laura Sparks, Fiona Thomson, Richard Gold, Roxy Fisher (W)

Warwick Human Powered Submarine – entry to world class ISR submarine races at the US naval base, Maryland, Washington DC, USA.





Researching sustainable techniques to improve electricity generation and transmission from hydropower systems in rural Uganda.




Jonathan Waller (C)

Yue Wang (W)

EcoHouse placement in Brazil 

Technical Visit to IGCC Power Plant and Poly-generation Projects in China


Jieyong Luo (C)

Bella Nguyen (C)

Technical visit to China Southern Power Grid

Research - slum developments on Quito, Ecuador


Miss Carrie Eller, Tom Feldman, Jenny Wai and Edward Stiven (W) Sustainable rural electrification - Kemgesi, Tanzania


Miss Jenny Ye Ha (C)

Technical visit to the USA on Energy Efficiency Finance


(W) David Watkins; Man Chan; Richard Churchill-Davis; Ben Cowling; Jon Ikin; Chi Lai; Tom Oliphant; Amin Oskrochi & Anna Scura

Electric Vehicle Grand Prix – Indiana, USA. The evGrandPrix is an annual international event organised by Purdue University when students compete to design, build and race electric vehicles. Warwick students will be entering their modified racing kart. The project demands a high standard of engineering and will enable the students to develop skills such as team work, project management, budgetary control, industrial engagement and the ability to write a technical report, as well as get involved in the future of motorsport and help develop the next generation of engineers


(W) Ian Allen; Alex Bending; Sarah Chen; Chris Davies; Hannah Rowland & Johannes Windelen

Optimisation of existing micro hydro power schemes in the Rwenzori District of Uganda. Two main objectives are, to optimise upon previous year’s schemes and to install a second micro hydro generator at Behondo to increase and improve the network to include a local school and hospital.


Miss Irene Dedoussi (C)

Participation in a 10 week summer placement at the German Aerospace Centre in Berlin


Mr Jeffrey Clark (W)

Coral Farming in Fiji project which concerns works for the Climate Change Adaptation Programme


Mr Salman Bham (C)

To participate in the Engineering World Health Summer Institute programme in Tanzania


Ms Jia Yang (W)

1-week visit to The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System in Germany


Mr Emmanuel Akinluyi (CHR)

Costa Rica, the Engineering World Health 'Summer Institute' repair and design experience.


Ms Lucy Fielding (JE)

World Solar Challenge in Australia


Ms Hannah McMillan (G)

World Solar Challenge in Australia


Ms Amparo Flores (JN)

Mongolia,sustainability of Innovative Dry Wastewater System at the Erdos Eco-Town Project.


Mr David Delamore (JN)

Beijing, China


Mr Stephen Jones (R)

Reinforcement of Adobe Housing to Improve Earthquake Resistance in El Salvador


Mr Laurie Smith (G)

Mott Macdonald, India


Mr Ian Ball (CL)

An evaluation of local NGO water and sanitation provision in the wake of a disaster


Ms Jo Reeve (EM)

To help build a school and sanitation block in Ghana


Andrew Lamb (PEM)

To undertake four-week ‘Development from the Inside’ course. (Andrew Lamb was director of ‘Engineers without Borders’ )


Naomi Romijin (PET)

Volunteer work in Bangladesh, Centre for the rehabilitation of the paralysed (CRP), prior to PhD in medical engineering


Lisa P L Lim

Technical visit to the USA


Yunus Sajad Hussein (Q)

Charitable/organisational work based in Gujarat, India


Yuen Yoong Leong (Q)

2-week technical study tour to China


Judith Elliman (G)

Charitable project in Belize: construction of a research centre in the Belize rainforest


Elizabeth Darley (CHU) and Katherine Laver (G)

Expedition to Ghana - Raleigh International - Engineering with limited resources


John Martin (SID)

Central & South America - relief & development work


Aimee Morgans (PET)

Expedition, Pump Aid, Zimbabwe


Riana Gibney (DOW)

Audi AG, Stuttgart, Germany


Pippa Smith (CAI)

Zimbabwe, aid project


Yijiang Li (CHU)

Shanghai Cables Ltd, China


Patric Bravery (CAI)

Timber Research Institute, Norway


Ulrike Wegst (N)

Europe, biomechanics conferences


PJL Fernandes (HH)

China, conference


Toby Wilson (SID)

Malawi, Africa


Rachel Stevenson (N)

Sarek Nat Park, Sweden


Robin Morris (T)

San Remo, Italy


Richard Clark (EM)

Germany, Industrial Experience


Piran Mazaheri (DOW)

Pall Corporation, USA


Neil Cox (CL)

Owen Falls, Uganda


Yvonne Toole (CL)

USA Visit


Lucy Maunsell (CL)

China Visit


TMG Edwards (CL)

Kenya - water supply


Veronica Symons (ED)

Conference in India


Timothy Summers (CTH)

NEI-APE in Delhi


Raimund J Ober (G)

Symposium at Phoenix, Arizona


Stephen Jeffels (R)

Telecom Australia in Brisbane


Michael Ferris (CHU)

Symposium at MIT


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