Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

Information for Engineering offer-holders

Information for Engineering offer-holders

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This page contains a series of links to information and exercises:

Advice for offer-holders (summary)

A summary of the main things to read up before you arrive in Cambridge.

Preparatory problems website

Your College will contact you with instructions for completing these problems, with the required log-in information.

Preparatory programming

An exercise to introduce computer programming, which you should attempt before you arrive.

Preparing for the Lego Mindstorms exercise

A design-and-build activity running every day in the first week - read this introduction, and get going before you arrive.

Industrial experience requirements

Summary of the requirements for industrial experience before completing the second and third years of the course.

Information on industrial experience and sponsorship opportunities

Supporting website on industrial experience and sponsorship, produced by the Industrial Placements Coordinator

Recommended reading

General interest engineering books to dip into before you come to Cambridge.

Other useful information (on the Engineering admissions website)

Further information on gap years, extra-curricular Engineering societies etc.

Undergraduate teaching webpage for Part IA (first year) Engineering

The complete listing of documentation, timetables etc for Part IA.

Scholarship information for offer-holders

Information on any possible scholarships available to offer-holders.



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