Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

Surveys and Feedback

Surveys and Feedback

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Online surveys

Giving feedback on your course

This year's course surveys are available online.

The web-based survey for all years is open until the end of the Easter term.  Students are able to update their survey entries at any point while the survey is running.  If a question is answered and then, at a later point in the year, the answer is changed, only the later response will count.

To use the survey system from a machine in the DPO either (i) type "survey" at the teaching system prompt, or (ii) click on the "survey" icon on the desktop or (iii) from within a web browser click on the "online survey" link on the CUED local web page.  Option (iii) also allows you to use the survey system from elsewhere in Cambridge (eg from your College).

Answers to the survey questions will be kept completely anonymous and no reference to the computer user will be made in any output from the survey program.

Please remember to do the survey.  This is your chance to let us know how you feel about the course, and we take the results very seriously.  Surveys provide valuable feedback for lecturers, which helps us to improve the course.  If you have any problems with the survey, please contact Director of Undergraduate Education

For all years, lecturers sometimes also issue a short questionnaire during lectures to obtain some running feedback on how their courses are going.  Part IIA students also have their own survey and fast feedback facility for supervisions.

Archives of past survey results


Best lecturer award

Undergraduates in all years are encouraged to vote online for their 'best' lecturer.  Don’t worry about what we mean by ‘best’ – it could be the most inspirational, clear, funny etc… whatever… you decide. The Teaching Office will just count up the votes and see who wins, and give them a prize at Prize Day.  Voting closes at the end of Easter Term.

Fast feedback facility

The fast feedback facility can be used to send rapid messages to warn teaching staff of problems as they arise (or to complement teaching staff on a job well done).  These messages are automatically anonymised (email addresses are hidden).  In order for the system to work, it is necessary to specify the general topic area of each feedback comment using the menus at the top of the comment window.  Note that all fast feedback traffic is monitored (before anonymisation) by the Director of Undergraduate Education in the Teaching Office.

To use the fast feedback facility for a machine in the DPO either (i) type "feedback" at the teaching system prompt, or (ii) click on the "fast feedback" icon on the desktop. To access the facility from elsewhere: click on the "fast feedback" link on the CUED local web page, which takes you to http://www.eng.cam.ac.uk/teaching/apps/FFF/.  If you have any problems with the fast feedback facility please contact the Director of Undergraduate Education.

National Student Survey

Every year in Lent Term Part IIB students are invited to participate in the National Student Survey (NSS).  The survey provides students with an opportunity to provide honest feedback about their experience during their time at Cambridge. All responses are anonymised.

The results of the NSS play an important role in steering the evolution of the Tripos and are considered in detail by the University centrally and by the Department's Faculty Board and Teaching Committee.  The results are available publicly so that prospective students can make informed decisions about where and what to study on www.unistats.com.  They are also used to inform various league tables. 

The results of NSS 2017 are available via Raven and an action plan will be developed during Michaelmas Term.  You can also view the results of NSS 2016, together with the Department's action plan for addressing the areas for improvement evident in the results.


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