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Part IIA project guide - Key dates

Part IIA project guide - Key dates

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Projects run over a 4-week period after the Part IIA examinations, so that undergraduates have no other scheduled activities. Important dates and deadlines are:

Project descriptions available for browsing Monday 7 October (Michaelmas, week 0)
Start of input of preferences (selected ballotted projects only) Monday 28 October (Michaelmas, week 3)
Language projects information session - in the Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication Wednesday 30 October, 1-2pm  
Deadline for input of preferences (pre-allocation round) Friday 1 November (Michaelmas, week 4)
Confirmation of pre-allocations in specific projects Monday 25 November (Michaelmas, week 7)
Start of input of preferences (all students) Monday 6 January (Week before Lent)
Deadline for input of preferences (all students) Friday 24 January (Lent, week 2)
First full list of allocations Monday 10 February (Lent, week 4)
Final list of allocations Monday 24 February (Lent, week 6)
Preparatory sessions for Lent-start projects See Project descriptions (Lent, weeks 3-7)
Easter Term project period begins (Language projects: Wednesday 6 May) Thursday 7 May (Easter, week 3)
Each project will have interim reports or presentations. Deadlines for these vary - see the Project descriptions for details   (Easter, weeks 3-6)
Hand-in date for final report: Constructionarium project Thursday 28 May (Easter, week 6)
Hand-in date for final report:  Multidisciplinary Design project Friday 29 May (Easter, week 6)
Latest hand-in dates for final reports: all other projects Thursday 4 / Friday 5 June (Easter, week 7)

Some project leaders may set earlier final report deadlines.  Final project reports must be handed in by 4pm on the relevant days. Students should aim to submit ahead of the deadline, and ensure that they allow for significant congestion on DPO printers.

NB:  final reports will not be accepted after the deadlines, unless there has been agreement in advance for a short extension, due to illness or other grave cause.  Project leaders are required to complete all marking by Wednesday week 7 Easter term.  Note that all interim reports must be resubmitted, appended to your final report.

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