Undergraduate Teaching 2019-20

Part IIB start of year information

Part IIB start of year information

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Table of contents

Introduction to Part IIB

Wednesday 9 October 2019 2.15-2.30pm LT2

This short session will alert you to some of the changes you will encounter in course style, content and standards, and show you where to find guidance.

  • Outline of the course
  • Engineering areas
  • Modules and how they work in IIB
  • Examinations and coursework assesment
  • Library resources

Risk assessment briefing

All students are required to attend a talk by the Safety Officer on Wednesday 9 October 2019, 2.30-3.15pm, in LT2.  No practical work may be undertaken before the hazard assessment form has been seen by the Safety Office.


IIB project literature review

Monday 14 October 2019, 1-2pm, LT0 with Emma Etteridge (Deputy Library - Teaching)

As part of your IIB Project you will be expected to do a literature review surrounding your projects topic.  This session will explain what a literature review is and how to do one, covering how to decide what you should be looking for, where to look for it, how to read it and how to take useful notes.  This is a lot to cover in an hour so if you have any following up questions check our information skills page on the website and get in touch


Part II careers talk

A 30 minute briefing entitled ‘the Careers Service - what can it do for you?’ will be held at 11.30 am on Wednesday 9 October 2019 in LT2 by Dr Warde of the Careers Service. All Part II students and staff are welcome to attend.

During Michaelmas, the Service has organised a range of careers information events and there will be evening presentations from approximately 160 organisations. Students should register with the Service. The careers information email service, CLICK, enables students to receive a weekly diary of events plus specific information on various employment/further study options. An email vacancy list for engineers can be accessed via CLICK.


Please read the detailed information on the Part IIB modules.

You are reminded that you:

  • must confirm your choices for Michaelmas Term modules by midnight on Wednesday of week 1
  • must keep safe all your Part IIB coursework as you must submit it all for scrutiny by the examiners at the end of the Easter Term.

Procedures regarding IIB coursework hand in (Coursework Candidate Numbers)

IIB coursework is marked anonymously wherever possible. The course syllabuses will indicate if certain coursework components are not assessed anonymously.

Each student is given an individual coursework candidate number (CCN).  It is your responsibility to enter your CCN onto the coversheet of anonymous coursework. Submissions on Moodle will preserve your anonymity where required. You will be able to access this number on COMET

Please ensure that your name does not appear anywhere on the coursework.


Each student must undertake a major individual design, research and/or computer project at a high technological level on a topic of practical relevance. A member of CUED staff will act as your project supervisor. Work on the project proceeds over the whole of the year.

See the  Part IIB Project Guide (second notice) for comprehensive information about the projects. 

Information for Part IIA students about selecting projects is included in the Part IIB projects: first notice.

Plagiarism avoidance in projects

It is self-evident that research-based project work requires extensive discussion and cooperation with your supervisor and others.  However, all reports and presentations must document the individual work of the author, with specific reference being made to any material taken from another source (including concepts, theories, equations, figures, or computer code, whether published in the open literature or on websites, or unpublished work obtained by other means).  Failure to reference the work of others is cheating and will be penalised.

You must read the Department's information about plagiarism, cooperation & cheating.

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