Undergraduate Teaching 2018-19

Computer build project

Computer build project

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For IA and IB students who wish to construct a PC running Windows from scratch:

  • putting the hardware together
  • partitioning a disk
  • installing the O/S
  • installing any special drivers needed
  • setting up network interfaces
  • installing basic mail and browser software

The Linux O/S is available to more advanced software users. Sessions for this activity take place in the Electrical and Information Engineering Teaching Lab (EIETL) and will last from 9 am to 1 pm (possibly continuing into the afternoon if necessary). Sessions have been scheduled on:

  • Monday 14 January 2019
  • ​Thursday 14 March 2019

12 students can be accommodated at each session. Online booking for the session in January will open on Thursday 8 November 2018. Online booking for the session in March will open on Thursday 21 February 2019.

If you book a session and then find you are unable to come, please inform Prof. Wilkinson (tel. 339709) at the earliest opportunity.

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