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Facilities and rules

Facilities and rules

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Access to the Department

ID cards

All students should have been issued with a University ID card by their College.  If you have any problems with access in the Department, please take your card to the CUED Security Office between 9am and 1pm.  Students are advised that they may be challenged at any time when in the Department and asked to produce identification unless they are displaying their ID card.

If you lose your card, please report its loss immediately to the Security Office (or email security-admin@eng.cam.ac.uk), but note that replacements for lost cards should be ordered through your College.

General access to the Department

The Department's central site is open 7am – 10pm seven days a week. Further to this, the Baker building, including Library and DPO, remains open to students until 11pm. Access to the Department after 5pm will be through the foyer entrance to the Baker Building. Students must be carrying their University card at all time.

Access to the Department between 11pm and 7am

Only students who have attended a safety briefing are permitted to be present in the building outside the hours of 7am - 11pm. Access to the Department between 11pm and 7am requires an authorised Late Working Permit. This is available to download below or a hard copy is available from Reception.

N.B. At no time may any undergraduate work unsupervised in laboratory areas, including those with a Late Working Permit.

Access to the DPO

Drawing equipment and computer workstations and printers are available for private study except when there are timetabled classes or during periods when certain groups have priority. Normal IT helpdesk hours in full term are 8.30 am - 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.  Any DPO equipment problems should be reported to the IT Helpdesk, either in person or by email.

Access to the Canteen and information regarding the EPOS system

Students can buy food/beverages at a reduced price using the Department EPOS Cashless System.  Funds must be loaded onto their University Card via the Department EPOS system.  Students will be able to access their balance easily using this system in order to ensure they are in continual credit.  It is important to note that the Canteen will not complete any transaction if insufficient funds are showing.  The option for students to load their cards with cash at the canteen is only possible in units of £10 and after 2.30pm.

Departmental rules

Food and drink in lecture theatres

In response to a request from the SSJC, students are now permitted to take bottled water into CUED lecture theatres. Food, canned drinks, hot beverages etc will not be permitted. Please take your empty bottles away with you or dispose of them in the bins provided.

Food and drink in the DPO

The DPO is a centre for student project work and academic interaction, and students are permitted to eat and drink in the DPO provided they show appropriate consideration for the teaching, the equipment and their peers.  In particular, it is inappropriate to eat or drink in a:

  • formal lab session (unless the lab leader and demonstrators give explicit permission);
  • crowded area (because of the spillage risk);
  • way that gets in the way of your neighbour;
  • unhygienic way (please use the wipes and handwash where appropriate);
  • way that leaves a mess (please always put any waste in the bins).

Student notices and posters

Students are not allowed to put posters up in the Department without permission, except on the designated noticeboard in the Inglis corridor. Students who wish to display items in areas other than this should contact reception in the first instance.


There is a total ban on smoking on Departmental sites.

Departmental computer system

The Departmental computer system is provided mainly for timetabled computer based coursework, but is also available out of hours for private study, word processing and reasonable recreational use. Access to the Department's systems is controlled by a userid (identical to the CRSid as used for email) and a password, initially set at registration. For registration, the CRSid and Raven password are used. Students should ensure they know both their Departmental system password and hermes password when attending computing practicals.

Rules for use

At registration, everyone is required to sign a form agreeing to abide by the University’s rules governing the use of computer systems in the University: please read these carefully and take note of them. The penalties for deliberate misuse are severe and may include access being denied for an extended period, with a potential loss of practical experience and coursework marks.

IT Support

The main source of information about IT facilities in the Engineering Department is the online computing help system, which includes a “frequently asked questions” section. If in doubt about whether something is allowed or for general computing queries not covered by the help system please contact the IT helpdesk, tel: (3)32686 or visit the office at the end of the DPO.

Course material on Moodle

Most of the Department's courses have a page on the University's Virtual Learning Environment Moodle.

These pages are maintained by course lecturers. Students registered to these courses are automatically enrolled at the start of the course and can engage in the course activities, including coursework submission when appropriate.

Other members of the University, staff or students, can self-enrol as observer and gain access to handouts and other documents made available to the students by the lecturers. This access is provided to students so that they can make an informed decision regarding their course selection. There might be copyright restrictions to the course material; any use of the course content that is not related to students education is not allowed. The material should not be redistributed by the students in any circumstances.

A key is needed to self-enrol on any course. By using this key, you indicate that you agree with the condition above.

Enrolment key: cued_moodle_access

You may wish to look at our 'getting started' guide.

Printing & photocopying

Access to the printers/copiers in public areas (including those in the self-service print room at the end of the DPO) is controlled by the University card. See the information about Papercut printing and copying for further details.

All undergraduates have a quota intended to cover their course-related printing during the year. This is set to cover the normal printing requirements of the course they are doing, but a single small increase can be authorised by the IT Helpdesk.  The quota can be added to by means of payment via the Department's EPOS system.

Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication facilities

Language programme for engineers

Optional courses are offered in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish at beginners’, intermediate and advanced levels.  Courses may be taken for examination credit in the second, third and fourth year. Visit the CLIC website for further information.


The Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication (CLIC) is situated in the South Wing, Baker First Floor, where multi-media facilities for self-study are available not only for the languages taught here but in other languages too.

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