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Part IIB allowances

Part IIB allowances

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Module coursework

Coursework extensions

Students are expected to make all reasonable efforts to complete any missed coursework, normally during the term in which the module is taught or the following vacation.

Extensions to deadlines are expected to cater for most circumstances in Part IIB. Students should notify the relevant group administrator if they need to submit work late, because of illness, but the extension must be authorised by the Director of Undergraduate Education using the allowances form: extensions cannot be negotiated ad-hoc with the group administrator or module leader. Module leaders will apply lateness penalties, which will be removed if the extension is approved.

Treatment of missing coursework

An allowance of marks may be made for missing coursework, provided that both the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. the Director of Undergraduate Education agrees that there is good reason for non-submission (e.g. illness);
  2. it is possible to base a fair mark on a partial submission by extrapolating marks in suitable proportion from exams (for 25% coursework modules), or from other coursework activities on the same module, or via an alternative exercise arranged with the module leader.

In all other cases zero marks will be awarded for missing coursework components. If there are mitigating circumstances Tutors may refer the case to the University Applications Committee.


Also see the information on Part IIB project deadline problems.

Extensions to deadlines are expected to cater for most circumstances. Students unable to give their presentations at the scheduled times should notify their project supervisor as soon as possible. Students will be asked to join another group, or a one-off presentation may be arranged. Similarly, progress reviews may be rearranged due to illness. In either case, an extension must be applied for through the Teaching Office. If rescheduling proves impossible, an application may be made for an allowance of marks.

Extensions to deadlines will be permitted for good cause for the technical milestone report and the final report (limited to five days inclusive of weekends for the final report). Allowances of marks will not normally be awarded, and only for cases in which a substantial partial submission has been made. Failure to submit any project reports for assessment will be treated in the same way as a missed examination: zero marks awarded and referral by Tutors to the University Applications Committee.

Given the overall importance of project work in part IIB, students are encouraged to ask their tutors to document any significant disruption due to illness during the year as soon as it occurs, without specific claim for an extension.  For these purposes, notification may be by email to the project supervisor, director of studies and Director of Undergraduate Education.


Application deadline: Applications for coursework in Michaelmas and Lent Terms must be received by one week after the end of the relevant Full Term. All other applications must be received by the Wednesday of the last week of Easter Full Term.


Deadline extension


Coursework associated with modules


25% coursework modules: yes if exam also taken

100% coursework modules: no

Project reports


For the final report it is limited to five days (inclusive of weekends).

Not normally, and only if substantial part of the project work is submitted

Project presentations/progress reviews

Yes. Consult supervisor to rearrange.

Yes, but only if rearrangement proves impossible


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