Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

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Intermission info for students

The Tripos regulations allow students to apply to intermit between Part I and Part II (i.e. after Part IB), or between Part IIA and Part IIB, by making 'a reasoned case' for consideration by the Faculty Board.  This case (generally no more than one page) should outline your plans for the year and how these will contribute to your professional development and education.  The case should also confirm that the application has the approval of your College.

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Documents and equipment allowed during exams


Copies of the standard databooks will be provided at all exams. Where additional data sheets or databooks were provided for a particular course they will be provided.

Open book exam

There will be no open book exams in 2017.

Calculators and watches

Calculators permitted in exams

The only models of electronic calculator that students will be permitted to take into the exam room are:

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University-wide surveys

Every year you will be asked to participate in one University-wide survey (either the Student Barometer or National Student Survey, depending on your year).  The surveys allow the University to compare your experiences with those of students in other departments and other universities.  It is particularly important for the Department that Part IIB students complete the NSS as we need a critical mass for the data to be meaningful and the results have a real impact on the public perception of your course. 

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