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Modules, Extension Activities & Engineering Areas

Modules, Extension Activities & Engineering Areas

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Please also see the list of Modules and Sets for details of which modules will run and any restrictions on module combinations.

Engineering areas

If you wish to qualify in a specific engineering area, at least six modules from your total of ten must fall within one of the engineering areas defined by the Faculty Board.

The title of the engineering area for which you are qualified will appear on each of your Part IIA and IIB transcripts. In some cases, you may be qualified for more than one engineering area, in which case all will appear on your transcript. It is not essential that your engineering area at Part IIB is the same as that at Part IIA.

NB. the module syllabus pages are the definitive source of information about pre-requisites for each module.  A summary is also given on the syllabus index page.

Engineering area


Mechanical engineering

Dr G J McShane

Energy, sustainability and the environment

Professor S Hochgreb

Aerospace and aerothermal engineering

Dr J Jarrett

Civil engineering

Dr S Stanier

Electrical and electronic engineering

Professor A Flewitt

Information and computer engineering

Dr J Sayir

Electrical and information sciences

Professor G Vinnicombe

Instrumentation and control

Professor G Vinnicombe


Professor G M Treece

General Engineering

If you do not wish to choose six modules from an engineering area you may instead qualify in Engineering (i.e. General Engineering). Students intending to qualify in General Engineering may choose any set of modules subject to the restrictions given in COMET. 

In common with the other engineering areas General Engineering is accredited by one or more of the Professional Engineering Institutions.  For further information see the Accreditation of the MEng.

Further advice

For advice on engineering areas and module choices go first to your Director of Studies. The staff listed above will be happy to provide expert advice on their Engineering Areas.

General queries about Manufacturing Engineering should be sent to the MET Course Administrator; detailed queries about academic course content may be sent to Prof Ronan Daly.

Part IIA Extension Activities (ExAs)

To register for an Extension Activity, you need to do two things:

  1. Indicate your choice online, so that we can ensure that everyone has signed up.
  2. Sign up as soon as possible for a time slot for your chosen Activity, as described below.


Activity & link to summary sheet Access Timing Sign-up sheet location Staff in charge



Open to all and recommended for:

4. Civil Engineering

End of Lent term (wk8) [& end of Michaelmas term, if needed]
[NB Runs from 2pm on last day of lectures (Wednesday) until Friday afternoon]


Prof D Liang

Flow visualisation

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Energy, Sustainability & the Environment
3. Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering

Michaelmas and Lent terms Online Dr N Atkins

Hybrid Energy

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Energy, Sustainability & the Environment
3. Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering
8. Instrumentation & Control

Lent Term






Prof A M Boies

Product Disassembly

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Energy, Sustainability & the Environment
3. Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering


Lent term



Dr M Seita
Technical feasibility studies/3D printer control

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
5. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
6. Information & Computer Engineering
7. Electrical & Information Sciences
8. Instrumentation & Control

Michaelmas & Lent terms Online

Dr S Goetz



Fundamentals of Biotechnology

Open to all and recommended for:

9. Bioengineering

Michaelmas term


Dr S Bakshi
Language course

Open to all students enrolled on a Language course

Michaelmas & Lent terms By email CLIC

*If this ExA is under-subscribed, the Michaelmas session will be withdrawn and only the Lent session will take place. Students will be contacted if necessary.

General notes

  • You should sign up for your ExA as soon as possible at the start of the Michaelmas Term (even for Lent ExAs). Do this before booking your module labs.
  • Detailed arrangements for each ExA will be posted near the sign-up sheets.
  • If you have any queries about an activity, you can ask the Chief Technician in the lab where the sign-up sheet is posted, or the staff member in charge.
  • Each activity should occupy you for about 16 hours and has 20 marks of credit available.

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