Undergraduate Teaching 2023-24

Part IIA Coursework and Examination Credit Notice

Part IIA Coursework and Examination Credit Notice

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Coursework and Examination Credit  Notice for Part IIA of the Engineering Tripos, 2023-24

The Examiners for the Engineering Tripos Part IIA to be taken in 2024 will take account of coursework produced by candidates.  The Faculty Board has determined that this shall consist of coursework with the requirements and total marks available set out below.

Activity Total marks available Comments
Extension Activity 20 Standard credit, subject to satisfactory progress
Eight module-related laboratory Reports 40 5 marks each
Two Full Technical Reports 20 10 marks each
Two Projects 160 80 marks each

Students are expected to undertake all the coursework as specified above. Students should refer to the department's policy regarding deadline extensions and rearranging coursework. Work submitted for marking must be that of the student who submits it, as defined in the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating guidelines.

With regard to written examinations, students choose 10 modules, each assessed by a 1.5 hour exam worth 60 marks*. 600 marks are therefore available for written exams, and 240 marks for coursework.

Grand total (Examinations and Coursework): 840 marks

* NB: modules 3A1 and 3A3 are classed as ‘double modules’ and are therefore worth 120 marks each; Part IIB modules open to Part IIA students may include a 25% coursework element in the total of 60 marks.

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