Undergraduate Teaching 2023-24

Part IB syllabuses; links to online resources

Part IB syllabuses; links to online resources

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Interactive booklists for Part IB are available on Moodle.

Lecture Courses

Paper Title Term On-line resources
2P1 Mechanics L Moodle
2P2 Structures M, L Moodle
2P3 Materials M Moodle
2P4 Thermofluid Mechanics M, L Moodle
2P5 Analysis of Circuits and Devices M Moodle
Electrical Power L Moodle
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves L Moodle
2P6 Linear Systems and Control M Moodle
Communications L Moodle
Fourier Transforms & Signal and Data Analysis L Moodle
2P7 Vector Calculus M Moodle
Linear Algebra L Moodle
Probability L Moodle

2P8 - Selected Topics - Easter Term

Paper 8 is different from papers 1-7 as it includes a choice of topics.  The Introductory Business Economics paper is compulsory for all students, while the remainder is divided into seven sections corresponding to the other seven activities shown below.  Candidates will be required to answer questions from two sections of these sections, or, in the case of candidates offering a foreign language, one section.  It is possible to attend more than two lecture courses if a student wishes to.  With the exception of economics, all these courses run in the Easter term.

2P8 The Engineer in Business L Moodle
Aerothermal Engineering E Moodle
Mechanical Engineering E Moodle
Civil and Structural Engineering E Moodle
Information Engineering E Moodle
Electrical Engineering E Moodle
Bioengineering E Moodle
Manufacturing & Management E Moodle
Language option   CLIC


Courses associated with coursework

Title Term On-line resources
Sustainable Engineering M Moodle


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