Undergraduate Teaching 2023-24



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The first year exposition course is designed to develop your communication skills (both written and oral) in professional areas. Engineers get things done by getting other people to do things, which requires communication. For example, you might want to persuade your Board of Directors to support a project. Not only do you need to produce an accurate and readable discussion document, perhaps containing technical information such as engineering drawings, but you also need to make a face-to-face presentation to the Board and argue your case. We hope that the chance to try these skills on your peers will improve your confidence and your ability to take a lead as an engineer. Some of you will already have considerable expertise in making presentations, others may have had less practice. Experienced presenters will of course be expected to set high standards to which the rest of the group may aspire, and should be active in helping others to learn.

You will meet in a group of twelve with a member of staff as leader, for two hours a week each week this term. The meeting place will probably be in a College rather than in the Engineering Department.

The list of exposition leaders and session locations is available on the Moodle Exposition site.

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