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Intermitting during the Engineering Tripos and MET

Intermitting during the Engineering Tripos and MET

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Guidance notes

The Tripos regulations allow students to apply to intermit between Part I and Part II (i.e. after Part IB), or between Part IIA and Part IIB, by making 'a reasoned case' for consideration by the Faculty Board.  This case should outline your plans for the year and how these will contribute to your professional development and education.  Typical examples of approved plans include internships with engineering firms, which will enhance the student's skills and knowledge for their Part II specialism.

Please note that as such a period of intermission for work experience is not an integral and assessed part of the course student route visa holders cannot work in the UK using their student visa during a period of intermission . Please see here for advice regarding placements and student visas. In addition a student's visa will become invalid during the period of work experience and a visa will need to be re-applied for.

Consequently, if you are on a student visa, a period of intermission will have implications for the University’s continued visa sponsorship. You must seek advice from the International Student Office before you make an application for intermission for purposes of a placement. Please also see information under 'Intermission' on notifying changes of circumstances .


Application process

  • Students complete Section A of the intermission application form and forward it, together with the offer letter from the organisation with which they have secured a placement/internship, to their Director of Studies by 15 April.
  • The Director of Studies should complete Section B and return the completed form and offer letter to faculty-board-office@eng.cam.ac.uk by 1 May.

Faculty Board approval

The Faculty Board will consider intermission applications at its first meeting in Easter Term.  Applicants and their Colleges will be notified of the outcome of the Faculty Board’s decision by email.

Please note that the Faculty Board only considers applications for intermission for a normal academic year. It is not possible to intermit for the purpose of an intership for a shorter period or for a period that does not align with an academic year.

As these matters are, by regulation, a matter for the Engineering Faculty Board Colleges should not apply to the EAMC for intermission for the purpose of undertaking an internship for students on the Engineering Tripos.

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