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Code of conduct for survey respondents

Code of conduct for survey respondents

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The Department relies on open and constructive feedback from its students to inform the development of its teaching programme.  We welcome all comments and suggestions provided that they are phrased respectfully.  Please remember that your comments will be sent directly to the lecturers concerned and are more likely to result in positive changes if they are framed as constructive suggestions. 

Rude or abusive comments will be discarded by the Teaching Office.

Examples of how to rephrase a critical comment to comply with the code of conduct:

Inappropriate comment (left by a Part IA student in 2019): Your lecture handouts are terrible they are the worst I have ever seen... your presentation style is terrible... you bore me to death with every word you say... I have almost fallen asleep in all your lectures, it’s not even worth turning up for them... you are by far the worst lecturer we have EVER had...

Suggestion for how the comment could be rephrased: I would have got more out of these lectures and would have found them more stimulating if the lecturer had focussed more on engaging the audience, spent more time explaining the concepts and given more examples of how the material is applied in industry.   Better structured handouts would also be a great improvement.


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