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What do classification grades mean?

What do classification grades mean?

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The baseline level is the II.1: A II.1 piece of work demonstrates good understanding of the material.  The major aspects of the exercise are addressed but there may be minor omissions and some lack of depth or clarity.  There is evidence of a critical and analytical approach, as well as knowledge and understanding of the underlying assumptions.  Interconnections between different strands of the work are made clear.

A first class piece of work goes beyond the II.1 standard by demonstrating an excellent understanding of the source material and the ability to apply it analytically.  Arguments follow a logical structure, material is organised and prioritised appropriately.  All of the required information is provided and is presented clearly.  There is a full and insightful discussion of the relevant issues.

A II.2 piece of work falls below the II.1 standard.  Most of the material is covered, but there are gaps in knowledge and understanding, leading to (i) incomplete or partially incorrect solutions and/or (ii) misinterpretation of data or material.  There will be a more extensive lack of depth or clarity, but enough to demonstrate a reasonable understanding.

third class piece of work demonstrates basic familiarity with the material, and enough to warrant contributing towards an undergraduate degree with honours. There will be significant gaps in knowledge and understanding. The analysis is incomplete and lacks clarity, and the work may contain inconsistencies. This standard, across the board, is not acceptable at Masters level.


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