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Guidelines for Examiners and Assessors: Part IA supplement

Guidelines for Examiners and Assessors: Part IA supplement

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Character of the examinations

  1. The four papers should be set and marked in accordance with the view that the examination is to be a straightforward test of basic principles. The rubric for papers 1–4 should require candidates to answer all questions. Where appropriate a paper should be divided into two or three sections which (with the exception of Paper 4) will correspond to the main subject areas examined in the paper. The number of questions in the section should reflect the number of lectures in the corresponding subject areas. Section A of Paper 4 will comprise `short' multiple choice questions; Sections B and C will each comprise `long' questions.
  2. The Part IA examinations shall each comprise eight straightforward questions carrying 10 marks each, and four searching questions carrying 30 marks each. The straightforward questions should be labelled ‘short’ on the exam paper, and should be set such that a fully correct solution could be obtained by an average candidate within 9 minutes, if that candidate has tackled the associated examples papers during the year. The searching questions should be labelled ‘long’ and should begin with a straightforward part that introduces the topic of the question, with later parts requiring synthesis of knowledge or problem-solving in less familiar circumstances.

Target average

  1. At the setting stage, Examiners should aim for a target average on the written paper of 60-65%.  When coursework marks are included the overall average can be expected to increase by c.4%.

Additional information

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