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The James Dyson Building - update

The building work at the front of the Baker Building is the initial stage of the construction of The James Dyson Building, which will provide additional office space, seminar and meeting rooms for the Department.  More details are available.  Piling has been completed successfully and integrity and load testing of the piles will be carried out on 27/28 November.  The ground around the piles is now being excavated to expose the tops of the piles ready for cropping.  Reinforcement is being prepared on site with the next major phase being the forming of the ground beams and pile caps.  It is anticipated that the first area of the ground floor slab, the area under the link building, will be cast w/b 15 December.  The remainder of the ground floor slab should be cast by mid-January.  You will notice the first of the columns appearing around 12 January, towards the north of the site.  The tower crane will arrive w/b 5 January and will be situated outside LR11.

Publication date: 27th November 2014

Fast feedback for students

The fast feedback facility can be used to send rapid messages to warn teaching staff of problems as they arise (or to compliment teaching staff on a job well done). These messages are automatically anonymised (email addresses are hidden). In order for the system to work, it is necessary to specify the general topic area of each feedback comment using the menus at the top of the comment window.  Full details can be found here.

Publication date: 25th November 2014

Students buying goods on expenses

Undergraduates are generally not permitted to use the Department's Requisition Systems (EDRS), but may occasionally have the need to make purchases.  Further information regarding this can be found at: https://www.researchandfinance.eng.cam.ac.uk/finance-purchasing/undergrads.

Publication date: 25th November 2014

About the website

This website is designed to present information to students and staff about the undergraduate Engineering Tripos.  There is a separate Manufacturing Engineering Tripos website.

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