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Engineering Tripos Part IA, Exposition, 2018-19

Engineering Tripos Part IA, Exposition, 2018-19

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Co-ordinator in overall charge

Prof S Savory

Timing and Structure

2h/week Michaelmas term timetabled in laboratory sessions. Sessions may take place in Colleges as well as in all parts of the Engineering Department.


The aims of the course are to:

  • develop communication skills, both written and oral, in professional areas.
  • raise awareness of the appropriate use of different writing styles (e.g. essays, technical reports, academic journal articles).
  • improve confidence and ability to take a lead as an engineer.


As specific objectives, by the end of the course students should be able to:

  • make an oral presentation of technical material to a non-specialist audience in an accessible way.
  • critically analyse the treatment of data in technical articles in popular journals or the media.
  • write a good report on a laboratory experiment, including treatment of errors and uncertainties.
  • prepare and present balanced arguments on a controversial technical topic.


During the eight weeks of Michaelmas term you will take part in three exercises:

Your exposition leader may introduce alternative forms of these exercises.

Journal Club

A “Journal Club” or similar oral presentation for 15 minutes, in which you will report on a current issue of a technical periodical or similar topic agreed by your leader followed by 5 minutes of questions.

Laboratory Report

A Laboratory report on the Statical Equilibrium of Plane Frameworks experiment which you will undertake in the Michaelmas term (a virtual form of the experiment is available at www-g.eng.cam.ac.uk/mmg/teaching/statics for students whose laboratory session is timetabled late in the term).  There will be discussion about writing reports, following which you will produce a first draft which will be criticised by your peers.  You will then write a final draft which will be assessed by the exposition leader. The Guide to Report Writing on the Exposition website will help with this exercise.

Technical Discussion/DebateA

A discussion or debate on a technical but controversial topic agreed with your leader. You will plan with your colleagues how to split up the material and you will work as a team to present one part of the argument.


Further notes



Standard credit. To reach the qualifying mark of 18/26 you must attend all the sessions required by the leader and complete the three exercises to a satisfactory standard. The report on the Statics Experiment counts for 14 out of the 26 marks.



Labs & coursework


Syllabuses and booklists

Examination Guidelines

Please refer to Form & conduct of the examinations.

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