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Engineering Tripos Part IB, 2P7: Probability, 2017-18

Engineering Tripos Part IB, 2P7: Probability, 2017-18

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Prof C Rasmussen

Timing and Structure

1 or 2 lectures per week in weeks 1-4. 6 lectures.


The aims of the course are to:

  • Show how concepts of probability can be applied to engineering applications.


As specific objectives, by the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Explain and use simple ideas of probability, mean, variance, etc.
  • Manipulate random variables and probability density functions.
  • Solve simple statistical problems of engineering importance.


Probability and Statistics

  • Probability.
  • Conditional probability and independence.
  • Permutations and combinations.
  • Binomial and Poisson distributions.
  • Expectation of a discrete random variable.
  • Variance and standard deviation.
  • Probability density function for a continuous random variable.
  • Mean and variance.
  • Normal and exponential distribution.
  • Tests of significance and confidence intervals

Further Information

Further information, including details of each lecture and hand-outs are available here: http://mlg.eng.cam.ac.uk/teaching/1BP7


Please see the Booklist for Part IB Courses for references for this module.

Examination Guidelines

Please refer to Form & conduct of the examinations.

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