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Part IIA structure & balance of work

Part IIA structure & balance of work

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In Part IIA, you will begin to specialise in your chosen branch of engineering. There is flexibility in the degree of specialisation, although you will devote at least 60% of your time to your chosen branch of the profession. If you wish, you can continue to maintain a wider breadth of study by taking topics outside of your engineering area, including management and foreign languages. 

Part IIA carries all of the credit for the classed BA degree in Engineering. The following table supplements the Part IIA coursework and examination credit notice by including notes on timings, workload, mark schemes and penalties.



Notes on workload


10 modules

5 in Michaelmas, 5 in Lent

Examinations: 2-3 weeks at start of Easter

16 lectures per module.

Examples papers (typically 1 per 4 lectures).

1.5 hour exam per module (typically 3 questions from 4).

10 x 60 marks

Module coursework (only your best 8 marks will be used for exam credit)

(*see below)

In same term as relevant module

The coursework is generally a laboratory experiment or (for modules in group E) a report. Laboratories are typically 2-4 hours in lab: 6-8 hours overall. Essays are a similar time overall.

No additional coursework on any 4th year modules (though may be included within the course for 25% or 100% of the credit).

Each report is marked on the scale 0–5; the marking criteria are indicated on the generic feedback sheet, or module specific feedback sheet if provided.

1 mark may allocated for suitable preparation and participation during the lab. This should be specified in the lab handout.

Penalty for lateness: 1 mark lost for each week or part week during full term that a report is late.  No report, no marks.

Failure to sign up for or attend a feedback session, where these are part of the lab arrangements: 1 mark penalty.

8 x 5 marks

2 Full Technical Reports (FTR)

End of term. At least one in Michaelmas; remainder in Lent.

Extension activity to one piece of coursework.

Marks on the scale 0–10.  The marking scheme is given on the coversheet.  Emphasis is placed on writing skills and presentation.

Penalty for lateness: 2 marks lost for each week or part week (term or vacation) that a report is late. No report, no marks.

2 x 10 marks

1 Extension Activity (ExA)

Michaelmas and/or Lent

Group project. Approx. 16 hours, with no more than 12 hours in the lab or field.

Choice of ExA is often related to module selection and associated Eng. Area.

Individual ExAs may break the mark total down into smaller units corresponding to different aspects of the chosen activity. Students who participate diligently in all stages of the exercise will gain the full 20 marks.

20 marks

2 projects (out of approx. 25)

Easter weeks 3-7 (after exams)

Approx. 80 hours per project, mostly running in parallel.

At least one project will include an element of group work.

2 x 80 marks

Total:  840 marks: 600 exams and 240 coursework

* NB  Since students are not obliged to undertake the coursework associated with a module, examination questions must not be based on coursework material (unless covered separately in lectures). Normally there is no choice of coursework on a module, but if there is a choice students may only submit one for assessment.

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