Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

Part IIA structure & balance of work

Part IIA structure & balance of work

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In Part IIA, you will begin to specialise in your chosen branch of engineering. There is flexibility in the degree of specialisation, although you will devote at least 60% of your time to your chosen branch of the profession. If you wish, you can continue to maintain a wider breadth of study by taking topics outside of your engineering area, including management and foreign languages. 

In outline, the course comprises lectured modules and coursework, as specified in the Faculty Board notice. Each single module (the majority) has 16 lectures in either Michaelmas or Lent Term. There are a few double modules, which have 16 lectures in both terms. You take 10 modules (double modules counting as two single modules), 5 in each of Michaelmas and Lent. All modules have associated coursework, which is generally a laboratory experiment or (for modules in group E) a report. You should complete all the coursework for your 10 modules, but only your best 8 marks will be used for examination credit. You will write two Full Technical Reports based on module experiments. In addition, you will have supervisions for each module, arranged by the Module Leader. Some Group E modules have examples classes for the whole group together in place of conventional supervisions. During either Michaelmas or Lent you will undertake a group project in the form of an Extension Activity. The examinations are held at the start of the Easter Term. During the remainder of that term you work on two projects.

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