Undergraduate Teaching 2023-24



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The Department will issue Directors of Studies/College Tutorial Offices with a transcript for each student as soon as possible after the Final Examiners’ meeting for each Part.  Part IIB transcripts will be produced in time for Graduation Day.

The transcripts will show details of the student's performance over the academic year and are produced as either PDF or hard copy for different Triposes. These will be given to students by their Tutorial Offices or Directors of Studies. Should students require a transcript before this time, or one for previous years, they should contact their Director of Studies or College Tutorial Office not the Teaching Office.

NB: These unofficial transcripts are produced by the Engineering Department for the convenience of staff and students. They contain more detail than the official University transcripts provided to students but are not produced as 'secure' documents. If students wish to use them for validation of the their marks (e.g. for job applications) then they should ask their College to  certify that they are a true record of the marks: there is a statement at the bottom of transcripts to this effect.

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