Undergraduate Teaching 2022-23

Research Opportunities, Awards and Scholarships

Research Opportunities, Awards and Scholarships

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Prizes, Scholarships and Awards

There are a large number of Prizes, Scholarships and Awards available: some are awarded for excellent performance on the course, others are open competitions.  Details of all prizes and awards are on the CUED Prizes and Scholarships webpage.

Arthur Shercliff travel scholarship

Each year an Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship, currently valued at £1,600, is awarded to a member of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, to promote technical visits abroad.  The Arthur Shercliff Memorial Trust was set up in memory of a former Head of Department.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

UROP projects provide an opportunity for Cambridge undergraduate students to spend a period of time over the summer assisting with research activities taking place across the spectrum of University Departments.

The scheme is open to any Cambridge University undergraduate student and you can choose to apply for any of the projects on offer – including those outside your own Department. These projects can be attributed towards the industrial experience requirement of the Engineering Tripos.

The normal duration of a UROP project is 10 weeks, though shorter or longer projects may be supported at the discretion of the supervisor, and will be paid the National Living Wage plus holiday pay.

For full information, including the application procedure, FAQs and a list of available projects see the UROPs homepage.

Students in Parts IA-IIA will be alerted when the initial list of projects are released, and further projects will be added as staff propose them.

Should access to the Department continue to be restricted due to Covid-19, a limited number of UROP positions may be offered that can run remotely online.

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