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Prizes and Scholarship

Prizes and Scholarship

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Prizes, Scholarships and Awards

There are a large number of Prizes, Scholarships and Awards available: some are awarded for excellent performance on the course, others are open competitions (in particular, note the Head of Department's Annual Design Competition).  Details of all prizes and awards are on the CUED Prizes and Scholarships webpage.

Arthur Shercliff travel scholarship

Each year an Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship, currently valued at £1,300, is awarded to a member of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, to promote technical visits abroad.  The Arthur Shercliff Memorial Trust was set up in memory of a former Head of Department.

Head of Department’s Annual Design Competition

Prizes are offered for original engineering designs submitted by undergraduates on, or by, Friday 20 May 2016 to the Head of Department’s Secretary. “Engineering” will be interpreted in the widest sense, but designs arising out of departmental coursework will not be eligible, nor will designs undertaken as coursework or submitted for examination purposes elsewhere.

Designs may be submitted as drawings, models, specifications or other descriptions and should be accompanied by a short (4-6 pages A4 typed) technical report (prepared for submission to “management”) in support of the proposal.

Designs may be completely original, or may be proposed solutions to a problem set by the judges which will be published in the DPO at the beginning of the Lent term. Up to three prizes will be awarded depending on the number and quality of the entries. The first prize is of value £150.

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