Undergraduate Teaching 2017-18

Lent 2017 Teaching Office Newsletter

Lent 2017 Teaching Office Newsletter

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Happy new year to all!

This is the second termly staff-student newsletter from CUED's Teaching Office.

This document replaces traditional briefing notes. It will contain information about up-coming events, reminders for staff and students, and also notify about key changes to the course and guidelines.

Events - Lent 2017

Examinations study skills session

A study skills session on exam skills will be held on Wednesday 15th March 2017 from 2.00-4.00pm in lecture room 4.  The course is particularly targeted at first-years, exchange students and incomers from other courses.


CUES events

CUES is organising two talks given by Work Ready Graduates, on Wednesday February 1st at 14.15 in LT0.

It is two one hour lectures, you can attend one or the other or both!

Title: Job-hunting and Assessment Centre Advice
‘According to research, 40% of graduates are still looking for a job more than 6 months after graduation. It also shows that only the top 2% of applicants manage to get an interview. Securing employment, whether it be a graduate scheme, placement year or internship, can be daunting. 
Our job-hunting and assessment centre advice session has been designed by specialist trainers who have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and who know what employers look for when recruiting graduates. 
The session provides an insight into the ways in which graduates can create an eye-catching CV, excel at psychometric tests, impress during the interview stage and ace assessment centres.
By using our interactive voting, specialist insight and top-tips from some of the UK’s leading graduate employers, attendees will leave the session feeling prepared for the working world!’
Title: Leaders for Life
‘Leadership is an essential quality- good leaders are able to drive teams, businesses and change the world as we know it! It is a quality that employers rate highly, and want to see in their graduate hires.
Our Leaders for Life Session, designed and delivered by a specialist leadership trainer, questions the characteristics that define a leader, the skills they possess and the working cultures they create.
Through the use of our interactive voting system, discussion topics, visual learning aids and interviews with some of the UK’s biggest companies, attendees will leave our Leaders for Life session feeling empowered, confident and motivated to start their leadership journey.
This session is relevant to students at all stages of their university journey; with messages and methodologies that positively impact both their academic and professional development.’


To add any event to this list, please contact: teaching-office@eng.cam.ac.uk

Updates on the course - Lent 2017


UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities program)

UROPs are an opportunity for Cambridge undergraduate students to spend a period of time over the summer assisting with research activities taking place across the spectrum of University Departments.

The scheme is open to any Cambridge University student provided that they have at least one full academic year of their undergraduate course to complete.

UROPs usually have a 10 week duration and there is a bursary payment at the rate of £230 per week.

For background information, including the application procedure, FAQs and a list of projects offered last year see the UROPS homepage.

Students in Parts IA-IIA will be alerted when the initial list of projects offered for summer 2017 is posted and further projects will be added as staff propose them.



Part 1 - Lecture capture in LT0

From Lent 2017, a number of lectures in LT0 will be captured and made available online as part of a pilot in the University. The slides projected during the lecture, the stage of LT0, and the voice of the lecturer will be recorded. Recorded lectures will be made available to the students a few days after the lecture to enhance their learning experience and improve the accessibility of the course. 

The lecture capture program is not a substitute for lecture attendance. The pilot could be terminated at any point.

Students sitting in LT0 will not be visible on the record. However, students who climb on the stage of LT0 to talk to the lecturer or make announcements before or after lectures might appear in the videos. If you would like to make sure your voice/image is not recorded, you can ask the lecturer to pause the capture.

More information about the pilot is available on Moodle, but be aware that CUED's implementation of the pilot might not be fully consistent with the generic information provided there.


Get in touch with the Teaching Office for any query or feedback.



Transferable skills training

The following page records all transferable skills training sessions available to undergraduate students.


Don't wait until you critically need those skills to learn them!



Commonly used forms

A new page on the website now links to the most common forms that students would need. It should be available on the right panel links, or at the bottom of the page on small displays. Please feel free to use it!

Forms and templates


New staff at the Department of Engineering - Lent 2017

Ms Vicky Houghton, Industrial Placements Co-ordinator

Originally from Cambridge, she worked in the in the UK and New Zealand and on obtaining a degree in Business, became a recruitment consultant for a national employer. Vicky obtained a Certificate in Professional Recruitment Services from Royal Holloway which was put to use supporting professionals looking for work and building and maintaining relationships with employers across the region. Vicky joined the Department of Engineering in 2011 to provide support the Industrial Placements Office by offering assistance to students and engaging employers to arrange placements, and supporting the administration of the UROP each year. In October 2016, Vicky became the Industrial Placements Co-ordinator and is responsible for providing support for students completing their Industrial Experience requirement for the course, liaising with employers worldwide to promote and secure internship opportunities and administering the annual UROP scheme.

Dr Teng Long, University Lecturer in Power Electronics

Dr Teng Long has been appointed Lecturer at the University of Cambridge in 2016. His research interests are Power Electronics technologies in electric power apparatus and systems to achieve high adaptability, controllability and reliability, including More Electric Vehicles (cars, trains, ships, aircraft), Electrical Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid.

Prior to joining Cambridge, Teng has worked for GE Power Conversion as a Power Electronics Engineer specialising power electronics, drives and power conversion system design and development. Teng has led or played an important role in many rewarding projects such as the first transformer-less all electric oil-platform supply vessel, the first large scale all electric warship (Type 45 Destroyer), the first electromagnetic aircraft catapult demonstrator, and the first large scale diesel/electric hybrid vessel (Tide-class tanker).

Teng received his BEng (Hons) from the University of Birmingham, BEng from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) and PhD from the University of Cambridge. Teng is a Chartered Engineer (CEng). Teng is a Fellow of Peterhouse.

Miss Sarah Burton, Assistant Research Services Librarian

For 4 months, I will be working as the Assistant Research Support Librarian, covering for Kirsten Lamb while she’s on secondment. I have been working at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) for 8 years and will return there in May. At CJBS, I taught on Qualtrics survey software and Zotero bibliographic software, while also more informally on Prezi presentation software, social media and LinkedIn.

My focus here will be on interlibrary loans, ebooks and primarily research support, which I have extensive experience in and will cover finding information, open access and data management. I will be teaching on, among other things, managing your online presence, research software and data management. Previously, I have published a series of 4 articles on ebooks and won a staff recognition award at CJBS for my work with a distance learning course. Let me know if I can be of any help and I look forward to meeting you.


SSJC and Faculty Board student representatives

Nicholas Foong (nf335)
Library Committee

Nicolas is a first year Singaporean student from Queens’. He is an avid follower of the smartphone and laptop industries and writes about them on his website (www.twentyfirsttech.com) during his spare time. As the Part IA Representative of the SSJC and a fresher himself, he understands that it can be difficult for freshers to adjust to certain demands of the engineering course. Thus, he believes that it is paramount that the voice of freshers be heard in the committee in order to shape developments in the department to make this transition easier for all freshers. Should you have any concerns or constructive feedback that you wish to raise (be it about lab schedules, lectures, or even the department café), he can be contacted at nf335@cam.ac.uk and will be glad to raise them to the committee.

Micheala Chan (mkyc2)
College Rep Co-ordinator

I’m Micheala, a second year undergraduate from Trinity Hall. I served on the SSJC last year, and will again be college rep coordinator this year, along with Sara Troyas. This means I will be working closely with people representing you from your college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come directly to me with any issues or feedback that you have! Ben and I are here especially to represent the interests of second years so if you’d also like a hand with something specifically second year, you know how to get in touch!

Ben Merrett (blm32)
SSJC Vice-president
Faculty Board Rep

I’m a second year undergraduate at Peterhouse, and I’ve been serving as Vice-President of the SSJC for the last year. This year I’ll be sitting on the faculty board, so I can help you directly communicate with the people in charge of the course. If you’re not quite sure about what’s going on in the department, or you think something could be improved let me know! Michaela and I are here to represent the interests of second years in particular, so if you’d like a hand with something specifically second year you can reach out to us.

Sara Troyas (lt397)
College Rep Co-ordinator

I would like to form part of the SSCJ committee because of my interest and willingness to help improving undergraduate teaching and learning experience. During middle and high school, I attended various different schools across Europe. Having been taught many different educational systems and have always taken an interest in looking at how and why I was learning most effectively. These past two years at Cambridge have again been a completely different learning experience, and while the Universities´ teaching standards are already very high, I will be very keen to contribute as to how to make this even better.

Martina Cheadle (mec65)
Teaching Committee

Faculty Board Rep

I’m Martina, a third year engineer at Sidney Sussex College and I believe I would make a good student representative on both the Faculty Board and Staff-Student Joint Committee (SSJC) for the following reasons:

I want to improve the cohesion between lectures and labs, especially in Part I Engineering where labs can seem impossible or pointless if lecture material has not been covered.

I believe that the transition to Part II Engineering could be further improved with feedback on module choices from previous years’ students made available to the Part IB students who are choosing their options.

All years could benefit from the increased availability of course material in the form of lecture notes, recorded lectures, past Tripos papers and worked solutions by putting these on Moodle or just generally making sure information is easy to find so that you get the most out of your degree.

Better feedback on lecturers, labs, and supervisions improves the experience (and exam results!) of each student by ensuring that information is taught in a cohesive manner and any difficulties in understanding are quickly sorted out.

My previous experience includes:

Sidney Sussex Boat Club Alumni Officer 2016/17: I sit on the Boat Club Committee, making decisions regarding training, equipment, finance, regulations, outreach, sponsorship and ensuring that College is happy with the running of the Club in all aspects.

Stephenson Society Secretary 2015/16: The Stephenson Society is the Engineering Society for Sidney Sussex, Newnham and Wolfson Colleges which invites speakers from engineering industry to College to present topics of interest to students. This role required much collaboration between large engineering companies, College conferencing, Fellows, and students to ensure that all interested parties gained some benefit from attending.

Head Girl 2013/14: As Head Girl of my secondary school (St. Joseph’s College, Stoke on Trent) I sat on many of the school’s staff and student panels to ensure that students got the best out of their lessons and staff felt confident they were delivering useful, engaging material that students would enjoy and learn from.

I believe that I will be able to bring my experience dealing with staff, students, engineering academics, and industrial partners to the Faculty Board and SSJC meetings to ensure that students, their interests and concerns are represented in CUED.

Talay Cheema (tmc49)

I'm a fourth year Information Engineer at Churchill, and SSJC President for this year. My main focus is to facilitate and streamline student feedback, and make the responses to it more meaningful. Please contact me if you want to get involved or have anything to raise!

Ed Broadhead (eb572)
CUES President

Ed is a fourth year engineering undergraduate specialising in Energy, Sustainability and the Environment. For his third year, Ed went on the exchange to CentraleSupélec in Paris and during that year abroad he was elected as president of the Engineering Society. During summers Ed has worked in the energy industry at EDF Energy and Shell. Alongside work he plays rugby for Homerton College and has acted in four plays.

Fergus Riche (fr293)
SSJC Grad Rep and Faculty Board Rep

Fergus has been at the Department since 2011, and has acted as both its fiercest critic and most staunch defender. He urges you to let him fight your corner (which he will do with a smile, and without fear or favour), and help the Department become a lean, mean engineering machine.

He doesn’t like: withholding lecture notes, labs that don’t work, theory and no practice, expectations without explanation, two hour lectures, overbearing workloads, forms with no guidance, separation of cohorts, an opaque appeal process and long-winded feedback forms.

He’s keen for: free coffee all day, clearer marking guidelines, good relationships with staff, well defined lab space, more supervisor support, training for demonstrators, integrated teaching and practice, a friendly, helpful atmosphere, extracurricular engineering and better course descriptions.

Ryan Duchanois (rd528)
Faculty Board Grad Rep 

Ryan DuChanois is a MPhil student in Engineering for Sustainable Development and a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Prior to Cambridge, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Ryan is also a US National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. His research interests include the economic, social, and political factors that inhibit proper water technology implementation and access to sustainable potable water supply. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, reading, and playing sports.


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