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Part IB registration and start of year information

Part IB registration and start of year information

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Part IB lab group registration

Part IB registration is a fully online process accessible between 09:00 on Tue 4 October 2016 to 09:00 on Wed 5 October 2016 or on terminals in the DPO in the afternoon on Tue 4 October 2016 when staff will be on hand to help with any problems. Login to the application is via Raven.

There are two parts to IB registration and it is important that both are completed by 09:00 on Wednesday:

  1. Students form lab groups: Students choose a lab group from those available on the online form for their College. It does not matter which groups are used, but the pairings must be correct so students need to have have decided on lab group pairings in advance. Students cannot change someone else's entry if they have already signed up for a group, but they can change their own.
  2. Students record their choice of specialisation for the integrated design project. This information is used to create teams with balanced sets of interests.


  • Lab group codes on the online sign-up sheets will be converted into lab group numbers. Unpaired students will be paired up automatically when lab group numbers are assigned. When a College has an odd number of students, a pair will be formed with a student from another College.
  • Any student whose details are not entered by 09:00 on Wed 5 October 2016 will be allocated a lab group number automatically.
  • Lab group numbers will be displayed online and on boards in the Baker building foyer on the afternoon of Wed 5 October 2016. All students must check these lists before the first lab session at 9am on Thu 6 October 2016.

Part IB lab handouts

All the introductory information regarding laboratories, as well as handouts for ALL of the experiments are available on moodle.

It is important that you take the time to read through the documentation on that page and to consult the handout for each experiment PRIOR to the day of the laboratory.  Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory.

At your first laboratory, please ensure that you collect the following:

  • A copy of the handout for that experiment
  • 2 Lab books (one to be used for long experiment lab sessions; the other is for the extended exercise in the integrated coursework.

All lab leaders and technicians have been made aware of this procedure and will have the relevant materials ready for collection.

Part IB coursework & labs overview

Follow this link for an outline of the Part IB coursework activities and experiments.  Also see the general information about Part I labs & coursework.

Part IB Mars Lander feedback session

Some colleges will be arranging small feedback sessions in October for their own students: your Director of Studies will advise.  There will also be a catch-all feedback session in the Department on Wednesday 12th October 2016 from 2.00-3.00pm in LT2.

Part IB exchange fair

We currently have student exchange programmes with National University of Singapore (NUS) and Ecole Centrale de Paris (ECP). Cambridge third year students spend a full year at these institutions, returning to Cambridge for their fourth year. Numbers are strictly limited: this year, two of our students are at NUS and two at ECP.

To introduce you to the process and to show you what is on offer, an exchange fair will be held in November.  Representatives from each of the exchange programmes will be on hand to discuss any queries you may have.  A sandwich lunch will be provided.

Course material on Moodle

Most courses in the department have a page on the University's Virtual Learning Environment Moodle.

These pages are maintained by course lecturers. Students registered to these courses are automatically enrolled at the start of the course and can engage in the course activities, including coursework submission when appropriate.

Other members of the University, staff or students, can self-enroll as observer and gain access to handouts and other documents made available to the students by the lecturers. This access is provided to students so that they can make an informed decision regarding their course selection. There might be copyright restrictions to the course material; any use of the course content that is not related to students education is not allowed. The material should not be redistributed by the students in any circumstances.

A key is needed to self-enroll on any course. By using this key, you indicate that you agree with the condition above.

Enrolment key: cued_moodle_access

NB. If you wish to unenrol yourself from a page that you have enrolled yourself on, please look for the Administration block within the course (usually lower down the page on the left) and click 'unenrol me'.

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