Undergraduate Teaching 2019-20

Essential equipment

Essential equipment

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Drawing equipment

All students will need the following essential drawing equipment and this should be purchased in advance of the start of term.  Depending on which lab group you are allocated to you may need it for the Structures Lab, which for some students will start in week 2.

A supply of complete drawing kits will be available from our Main Stores (Inglis Building, ground floor) or the vending machine located in the Design and Project Office (DPO) at a cost of £20.00. Please note, the Stores is only open for private sales between 14.15 and 15.00 from Monday to Friday.

There are limited stocks so sales are on a 'first come/first served' basis.

In addition, payment can only be made via card, no cash sales are permissible. 

The vending machine in the DPO also stocks individual items if you do not wish or need to buy everything. 

The drawing kit comprises of the following items (full details/part numbers available here):

  • HB Pencil
  • Shine Plastic Eraser
  • Blundeil Harling 300mm ruler
  • Ecobra Compass
  • Rumold Circle template
  • Rumold Protractor

*Please note, using equipment that does not meet the criteria we have set out may affect the quality and accuracy of your work and therefore it is possible you may be penailised when submitting for marking.

If you wish to purchase your own equipment we would advise you to buy items of at least a similar standard to those we have recommended.

University approved calculator

The Department currently sells the Casio FX-991-ES-Plus models of calculator at £25.00, this is a University approved version for use in the exams.


A full set of Databooks will be given to you at the Introductory Talks.  Databooks are needed for all four years.  Replacements cost £2 per booklet (cash) and can be obtained from the Teaching Office.

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