Undergraduate Teaching 2018-19

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Part IIA project guide - Allowances for illness

Students are expected to complete as much as possible of the work associated with their two projects, but the four week timetable imposes tight constraints.  If there is any significant disruption to your project work (whether or not a report deadline is missed), you must notify your tutor, project leaders and the Director of Undergraduate Education by email immediately.  If the deadline for any report is missed, a Part IIA project allowanc

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Part IIA project guide - Assessment

For each project, there are 80 marks available.  In order to spread the workload for both students and staff, continuous assessment will take place for the duration of the project period, with a number of staged reports.  Some projects include individual or group presentations as part of the assessment.  Each project has its own mark distributions and submission dates, and these are stated in the online Project descriptions.  A typical allocation is:

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Part IIA project guide - constraints

Projects are in sets (P1, P2 etc) with each set having a fixed timetable (see Table below); projects must be taken from different sets. Certain combinations of sets and projects are excluded for timetable and other reasons.

Multidisciplinary design projects (GM1, GM2)

Students may not be allocated both of these projects, even though they do not clash on the timetable.  Both may be included in student preferences, provided that the overall preferences produce enough valid combinations.

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Part IIA project guide - how to choose a project

Before making your selection, you should read the rest of this guide, noting the project sets, the combinations of sets that are not permitted, and project descriptions of interest.

Note that projects may be chosen from any subject area, regardless of your Engineering Area(s).

Students interested in taking a Language project should attend an information session in the Language Unit (see Key dates).

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Relationship with your supervisor

The working relationship with your supervisor is central to achieving these aims, and for this reason your College authorises up to 1 hour per week formal supervision associated with the project.  In practice, you and your supervisor may prefer a more flexible structure.  In any case, your supervisor is expected to submit a termly report, which you can view on CAMCORS

Should you have any concerns over supervision arrangements, try first to resolve them with your supervisor.  If they persist, contact your director of studies.

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Project work must be planned to take account of your other workload (e.g. module coursework). You may need to spend several weeks in each vacation on project work, catching up on experiments/design/computing and drafting your reports. Experimental work and any substantial computing should be completed before the beginning of the Easter term, leaving the Easter term for consolidation and writing up. 

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