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Faculty Board Remit & Terms of Reference

Faculty Board Remit & Terms of Reference

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Remit and Terms of Reference

The Faculty Board is statutorily responsible to the General Board, via its Education Committee, for ensuring that teaching within the Department is appropriate and of a high standard. It meets twice a term to receive information, advice and recommendations from University-level bodies and from various subcommittees within the Department.

The Faculty Board also takes account of external developments in engineering, and is expected to consider and address the recommendations and requirements of the accrediting bodies.

More detailed Terms of Reference for the Faculty Board are attached for information


a.i. Heads of Department within the Faculty (1 place)

Professor R.W. Prager, (EO), F

a.ii Holders of Professorships assigned to the Department (4 places, 2-year terms)

Prof G. Madabhushi, (21), D
Prof N. Fleck, (22), C
Prof R. Penty, (21), B
Prof T.H.W. Minshall, (22), E

b. Members appointed by the Council after consultation with the General Board (2 places, 2-year terms)

Dr J. M. Schooling, (22), D
Prof C. Durkan, (21), B

c. Members elected by the Faculty (10 places, 4-year terms)

Dr C.A. Hall, (22), A
Dr T. Hasan, (22), B
Dr H.E.M. Hunt, (24), C
Prof G.N. Wells, (23), C
Prof P.O. Kristensson, (21), C
Dr T. O’Leary, (22), F
Prof S.J. Savory, (23), B
Prof N. Swaminathan, (22), A
Dr R. Daly, (23), E
Prof G. Viggiani, (22), D

d. Members co-opted by the Faculty Board (3 places, 1-year terms)

Dr C. Litina, (21), C
Prof J. Lasenby, (21), F
Dame Polly Courtice, (21), CISL (Chair)

e. Representatives of cognate studies and holders of specified offices (3 places)

Prof C. Kaminski, Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Prof P. Midgley, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy
Prof A. Copestake, Department of Computer Science & Technology                                          

f. Members elected by and from among the students

Undergraduate Faculty Board Representative: Miss R. Banerjee, CAI
Undergraduate Faculty Board Representative: Miss M. Rapeanu, CHU
Taught graduate Faculty Board Representative: Miss W.M. Lipien, DAR
Research graduate Faculty Board Representative: Miss G.L. Gilbertson, JE


Dr S.T. Lam, School of Technology
Prof E. Lauga, Faculty of Mathematics
Mrs L. Obsorn, Interim Head of Human Resources
Dr M. Davies Wykes, Athena SWAN SAT


Dr A. Constantas

The quorum is 10 voting members. Elections are needed for categories a.ii, c & f

Download: Terms of Reference Faculty Board.pdf

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