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Part IIA Extension Activities (ExAs)

Part IIA Extension Activities (ExAs)

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To register for an Extension Activity, you need to do two things:

  1. Indicate your choice online, so that we can ensure that everyone has signed up.
  2. Sign up as soon as possible for a time slot for your chosen Activity, as described below.


Activity & link to summary sheet Access Timing Sign-up sheet location Staff in charge



Open to all and recommended for:

4. Civil, Structural & Environmental

End of Lent term (wk8) [& end of Michaelmas term, if needed]
[NB Runs from 2pm on last day of lectures (Wednesday) until Friday afternoon]


Dr D Liang

Engine Design

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Energy, Sustainability & the Environment
3. Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering
8. Instrumentation & Control

Lent term






Dr A M Boies

Failure analysis

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering

Michaelmas term Online Dr A E Markaki
Technical feasibility studies/3D printer control

Open to all and recommended for:

1. Mechanical Engineering
5. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
6. Information & Computer Engineering
7. Electrical & Information Sciences
8. Instrumentation & Control

Michaelmas & Lent terms Online

Dr P A Robertson


Fundamentals of Biotechnology

Open to all and recommended for:

9. Bioengineering

Lent term

Contact Dr Bakshi directly

Dr S Bakshi
Engineering resources for schools

Open to all

Michaelmas & Lent terms

Contact Dr Shercliff by email by 12th October - see briefing notes

Dr H Shercliff
Language course

Open to all

Michaelmas & Lent terms Contact staff in charge for assessment. Mr David Tual

*If this ExA is under-subscribed, the Michaelmas session will be withdrawn and only the Lent session will take place. Students will be contacted if necessary.

**If over-subscribed, additional sessions for this ExA will be available week 2 of Lent term.

General notes

  • You should sign up for your ExA as soon as possible at the start of the Michaelmas Term (even for Lent ExAs). Do this before booking your module labs.
  • Detailed arrangements for each ExA will be posted near the sign-up sheets.
  • If you have any queries about an activity, you can ask the Chief Technician in the lab where the sign-up sheet is posted, or the staff member in charge.
  • Each activity should occupy you for about 16 hours and has 20 marks of credit available.

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